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First Aid

First Aid

First Aid Equipment & Supplies for Sale

Medical emergencies can happen anywhere at any time, so make sure your workplace is properly equipped with first aid supplies in easy-to-reach locations. Shop for portable first aid kits or medical response stations such as eye washing stations or AED cabinets. Our inventory includes products and kits from Honeywell and First Aid Only. A properly prepared first aid kit can treat minor injuries including scrapes, cuts, burns, bruises and sprains. Comprehensive first aid kits intended for use in industrial facilities can treat severe trauma and injuries such as crushed limbs, 2nd and 3rd degree burns and broken bones.    

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Wholesale Medical Supplies

Autumn Supply is your one-stop shop for wholesale medical supplies. Browse our inventory of medical equipment available for sale online. We stock medical supplies such as wound careemergency response and biosafety to protect workers in multiple environments. Autumn Supply has you covered. Shop for emergency response equipment individually or for bulk purchasing for even bigger savings.

First Aid Kits for Businesses

Industrial first aid kits are life-saving pieces of equipment that should have a prominent place in every business. A well-stocked first-aid kit is essential to maintain the safety of employees, customers, and visitors. Industrial first aid kits should be mounted to a wall in a common area for easy accessibility. Various sizes are offered depending on the size of your business. Autumn Supply carries complete first OSHA and ANSI-approved first aid kits as well as the individual supplies you need to restock your existing kit including:

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