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Bulk Ear Plugs
in the U.S

We supply America’s workers with top-quality industrial ear plugs. Whether you need corded or uncorded ear plugs, reusable ear plugs, safety earmuffs or disposable ear plugs in bulk, we’ve got all that and even more ear protection equipment wholesale.

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Safety Goggles &
Glasses in Bulk

We have a vast inventory of wholesale safety glasses, safety goggles, lenses, and lens cleaners so your workers can keep their eye on the prize. When you buy our affordable safety glasses by the case you can expect to save valuable time, & money

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Safety Apparel
For Any Job

Autumn Supply carries protection clothing for any application. With 2-day shipping anywhere in the nation, you can get your disposable or reusable bulk nitrile gloves, insulated clothing, reflective vests, safety boots & more, exactly when you need them.

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Respirators &
Hard Hat in the U.S

Autumn Supply sells bulk hard hats, face shields, ratchet headgear, and respirators to keep America’s workforce safe on the job site. We offer wholesale head protection equipment and fast, safe package delivery, with 2-day shipping anywhere in the U.S.

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Personal protective equipment, safety apparel, and workplace supplies order in bulk from top brands

Bulk Industrial Safety Gear Suppliers

Purchase Your Workplace Safety Gear All In One Place

Autumn Supply has all the PPE, safety apparel, and workplace supplies that you need to keep your business’s operations running smoothly and safely. Since 1987, we’ve been supplying U.S. workplaces with top-quality wholesale safety gear and supplies so they can be properly equipped for their jobs.

Autumn Supply offers top brands in PPE and industrial safety products such as 3m, Master Lock, Bullard, Justrite, Moldex, and Honeywell safety product lines Howard Leight and UVEX. Our wholesale safety supply distributors carry a variety of safety gear from industrial earplugs & cap mount earmuffs, to safety goggles, safety glasses, and hard hats & respirators. We also have a large inventory of gloves for every type of workplace whether you’re a welder needing tig and mig gloves, cut resistant gloves for construction, or nitrile coated gloves for chemical applications. We’re your one-stop-shop for everything in safety gear and maintenance supplies.

At Autumn Supply, it’s our mission to equip America for a hard day’s work, and we believe that getting the proper equipment is the first step to getting the job done right.

Order Safety Gear in Bulk from Autumn Supply.

Supplying America’s Workforce With The World’s Top Brands

Autumn Supply is a top safety equipment distributor of the best brands in the industry. We supply 3M, Milwaukee Tool, Bullard, Honeywell, Howard Leight, UVEX, Justrite, & several other top brand’s products ranging from safety gloves and safety glasses to matting and hi-vis apparel.

When you shop Autumn Supply’s vast inventory of safety equipment, you can count on getting nothing but the most reliable wholesale safety gear and bulk maintenance supplies in the country. There’s no better supplier for America’s job sites than Autumn Supply.

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3M safety equipment and maintenance supplies available for sale in bulk Erogdyne safety apparel and equipment for sale in bulk Master Lock brand locks and tools supplier Bullard personal protective equipment and safety gear bulk wholesale Radnor brand personal protective equipment and safety equipment available in all sizes Justrite safety equipment, storage, and tools wholesale purchases Moldex personal protective equipment, ear, eye, nose, and mouth protection gear

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